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Some of our speakers and presenters since 1998

Alan Dershowitz - One of the most influential attorneys and Jewish people in the secular world comes to Gainesville as part of Jewish Awareness Month 2000.

Schmuley Boteach - The author of "Kosher Sex", Rabbi Boteach is coming to Gainesville in March 2000 as part of Jewish Awareness month.

Ellen Steigman - A commedianne and leadership trainer, Ellen will be in Gainesville for both leadership training and a comedy show in January 2000.

The Moshav Band - Inspired by Rabbi Moshe Carlebach, the Moshav Band has inspired many with their special musical touch.  Coming to Gainesville for a shabbaton and weekend concert, March 31 - April 1, 2000.

Inasense - A Phish type band that met and began in Israel, they played the Covered dish in the Fall 99

Yaron Svoray - Neo-nazi and Holocaust Education, Yaron Svorary infiltrated the neo-nazi movement in Eastern Europe.  Spring 1999.

Rabbi Tovia Singer - His organization, Outreach Judaism, an Anti-missionary group, has helped educate many Jews on the dangers of missionary groups and their messages.  Spring 1999 and hopefully a return date in the spring of 2000.

Julius Lester - An expert on Black and Jewish Relations, Professor Lester is an African-American who converted to Judaism.  Check out some of his many publications.  For more information about Black Jews, visit the Alliance of Black Jews.

Claudia Stevens - The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Claudia Stevens writes and performs 1 woman musical theatrical shows based on the Holocaust.  She performed her two shows in Gainesville as part of Jewish Awareness Month 1999.

John Loftus - A former member of the CIA and heavily involved with the St. Petersburg Holocaust Museum, Mr Loftus spoke about "The Nazi Connection in America" as part of Jewish Awareness Month 1999.

Dr. Amy Zahl-Gottlieb - A professor from England who worked rescuing Jewish refugees from the death camps following the Holocaust, Dr. Zahl-Gottlieb came to Gainesville in Spring 1999.

Mark Powers - Jews for Judaism, an organization focused on Anti-Missionary work sent Mark Powers to address UF students in Fall 1998.

Ruach Chayim Institute - Jewish Spirituality Exploration happens throughout the year, but on these special weekends enjoy Spiritual master teachers as they come to Gainesville.  These weekends occur twice during each semester.

Operation Bayit - Our special bus trip "Home for the holidays" (Rosh Hashanah)

Week of Welcome  - See what the UF Jewish community has to offer during this first week or two of school.

Revised: January 05, 2000.