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Shabbat 1000

Table of Contents

  1. What is Shabbat 1000?
  2. Where can I find it?
  3. How can I get involved?
  4. What if I want to eat Dinner as well?
  5. What if I've never been to a Shabbat service at UF?
  6. Who can come?

What is Shabbat 1000?

The goal of Shabbat 1000 is "to educate, to unite and to provide over 1,000 Jewish students with an everlasting impression of being Jewish through an inspiring Shabbat experience."  Over 1,000 Jewish students will gather together on Friday April 16 and Saturday April 17 to celebrate Shabbat.  There will be multiple locations for students to attend the type of experience that they desire.

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Where can I find it?

Friday Night - April 16th - 6:45 pm.

Reform:                                             AEPhi Sorority House

Conservative:                                     TEP Fraternity House

Orthodox:                                          Hillel

Shabbat Quickie:                                Campus Club Pool

All American Shabbat:                        Gator Room at the Football Stadium

Shabbat Where the Sidewalk Ends      Lake Alice

Israeli Shabbat:                                 Plaza of the Americas

Saturday April 17th there will be learning opportunities all day long at Hillel. 

Havdallah services will be at Hillel at 9:30 pm on Saturday night

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How can I get involved?

Come to one of the many places where we will be celebrating Shabbat!!  Join in with us and help us reach the magic number of 1000.  You can always contact the Executive Director, Michael Behar, at or call Hillel at 372-2900.

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What if I want to eat dinner as well?

A Kosher Shabbat Dinner is being served at 8 pm at Hillel. Cost is $6.00   Reservations are requested but not required.

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What if I've never been to a Shabbat service at UF?

Then this is the time to try one.  There are so many options, from Reform, Conservative, Orthodox, Israeli, by the water, at a pool, and even one at the Football Stadium!  Come see what makes being Jewish fun.  To top it off, you'll be part of history making at UF and can meet a whole bunch of other Jewish students.

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Who can come?

Anybody.  Everybody.  There are going to be over 1000 students participating and EVERYBODY is welcome.

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