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Shabbat Services at Hillel

At Hillel, we offer 3 minyanim every week for Friday night services followed by a Glatt Kosher Gourmet Shabbat Dinner.  Saturday morning services are available as the students request and require them.


Kesher, our campus Reform Student group, provides weekly Reform services at Hillel.  These services are very creative.  Students plan and lead the services. 



Koach, our campus Conservative Student group, provides weekly Conservative Services at Hillel.  These more traditional services are also student planned and led.


Tikvah, our campus Orthodox Student group, provides weekly Orthodx Services at Hillel.  We have a mehitza separating the sexes.  These services are also student planned and led.  On Friday night, both Mincha and Maariv are davened.   Talmud study also occurs every Sunday as is led by student leaders of Tikvah.