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UF's Top 10 Reasons to Celebrate Passover-

Because Adam Sandler Tells you to!

10. Save money by using last year’s Matza (it won’t taste any different and you haven’t thought of eating it since then)

9. Elbows on the table

8. Maror – it’s a better medicine for sinuses than any prescription.

7. 4 cups of wine (and if Elijah doesn’t show this year, there’s a 5th!!)

6. The extra cash from selling your Chometz comes in handy after Spring Break.

5. The required cleaning of the refrigerator gives you a reason to throw out that milk container from Gator Growl.

4. You actually eat the parsley.

3. Reasons to use your wooden spoon, candle, and feather collection that you can actually tell you mother about.

2. Think of all the toilet paper you save by eating Matzah for a week.

1. To remember that Charlton Heston (and his wife, Lilly Munster) led you out of Egypt.


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