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Attention Organization Presidents

Do you have announcements you want posted to the Hillel's Web Page?   Make sure you e-mail them to us.  This includes any changes you want made to your description on the campus organization page and any upcoming events you want posted on the event pages.  You can also have it added to the Hillel Newsletter by completeing this form.  If you have a recurring event, you only have to e-mail once, just tell us the normal schedule and any known dates that it will not be occurring.  If you find out a date that it won't be happening please let us know a week in advance so it is not placed on the calendar in error.  Also, please note the time and place of these events. 

Want to advertise your upcoming event with an online flyer?     If you design your flyer in HTML or  Microsoft Publisher Formats, we can put it directly on the web.  You can either attach the file in a e-mail or bring it on disk to Hillel and put it in the Web Team Box.  Please include a note as to how long the flyer should remain up and what organization is sponsoring the event.

In order to make sure everything is placed on the web exactly as you would like, Please have it to us at least 1 week before you would like it put up.  You can also use the Message Board to make announcements.