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Welcome to Hillel at the
University of Florida

Hillel at the University of Florida is located in Gainesville, Florida. UF houses one of the largest Jewish communities on campus. It is estimated that there are over 6,000 Jewish students on campus. At Hillel, students organize, work, and participate in many Jewish-oriented activities, both on and off campus. We work closely with the Jewish Student Union to ensure a vibrant and welcoming community.


Our mission is to: "maximize the number of Jews, doing Jewish, with other Jews, in a compelling environment." Hillel creates an environment where students can socialize, seek advice and gain a deeper understanding about their own culture.

What's up this week?
March and April

Sat-Sun, 5-6:  AIPAC Conference

Thurs-Sun, 10-13: Rabbi Laibl Wolf

Fri-Sat, 18-19:  Shabbat 2000

Wed, 1:  Shmuley Boteach (author of Kosher Sex)

Tues-Sun, 16-19: Neilah and Neshama Carlebach

Sun, 19:  Alan Dershowitz

Fri-Sun, 31-2:  The Moshav Band

Want to know what's happening for upcoming Jewish Holidays? Check out our special Holiday page including important Passover information.
Do you like the outdoors? Our first outdoors group event was a Whitewater Rafting trip in Tennessee. More exciting events will be coming this spring. Click here for more details.
The Spitzer Forum on Public Policy is being held in Baltimore, MD from February 27-29, 2000. We are able to offer a limited number of scholarships to substantially defray the cost of attending.  Contact Keith for more information or visit the International Hillel web site.
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