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National Hillel Homepage

This is the central Web Page for Hillel organizations across the country. To find information about any Hillel at any University in the nation, this is the place to go.

Florida Hillel Council

This is the parent organization for other University Hillels in the state of Florida. While there, you can find links to other Hillels in Florida, and information about the Hillel movement.

Jewish Student Union

The umbrella organization for recognized Jewish groups on campus.  JSU's major events include Jewish Awareness Month (JAM), New Year's and Chanukah Parties.  JSU's Program Council forms the representative Jewish Leadership body on campus and is Student Government funded.

Tikvah's Homepage

This is the Home Page for the Orthodox movement at the University of Florida. On it you will find a variety of educational, interesting, and religious information.

Israeli Student Association

Representing the Israeli students at UF and those who have an interest in Israel, check out this site for information on their upcoming events.

United Jewish Appeal

This is the Home Page for the United Jewish Appeal.   The UJA has volunteers on many college campuses in order to get college students as involved as their parents are.

UF Israel Birthright Homepage

This site is dedicated to the annual Israel Birthright Trip.   On it you will find some great pictures and information from Israel, and information about this year's trip.

Center for Jewish Studies at UF

The Center for Jewish Studies provides course offerings in area such as Jewish History, biblical studies, early Judaism and Christianity, rabbinic texts, Jewish mysticism, Hebrew, and literature.  A B.A. major and minor are available.  The Center for Jewish Studies also offers Study Abroad programs and scholarships to Israeli Universities.


Interested in visiting Israel?  Check these out:

The Israel Experience

Student Programs in Israel

University Student Department, World Zionistic Organization

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