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Jewish Spirituality

At the University of Florida, we are able to provide a special student focused Jewish Spirituality Institute.  This Institute, also known as the Ruach Chaim Institute, brings  Jewish Master Teachers from a variety of backgrounds including Orthodox, Conservative, and Reform Judaism to Gainesville for a weekend of Jewish learning.

Student directors assist in the selection of the Master Teachers, the planning, advertising, and promotion of this weekend of Jewish Learning.

25 Students are selected to be "Fellows" in Jewish Spirituality.  They receive a library from the master teachers as well as attend all the weekend learning sessions.  At the end of the year, the "Jewish Spirituality Fellows" will have a special free weekend of Jewish learning from Master Teachers in an off-campus, non-Hillel location.

1999-2000 Master Teachers

October 1999        Rabbi Rami Shapiro     Author of Minyan

November 1999     Rabbi Susan Fendrick    Author of the Social Action Website        

February 2000       Rabbi Laibl Wolf           Author of Practical Kabbalah

March 2000            Neilah Carlebach          Wife of the late-Shlomo Carlebach

                            Neshamah Carlebach    Daughter of the late Shlomo Carlebach                                                                 and special musical guest.

For community members, there will be an annual $100 participation fee for the 2000 weekends.  This will cover all the workshops, food, and entertainment.  Individual weekends have a $30 participation fee.  


For information about the 1998-1999 Spiritual Weekends, also known as the Ruach Chayim Institute visit the following links:

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