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The International Center Staff

Richard "The first" Joel (think of Andy "Christmas" Carrol and this may be easier to understand)

Jay Rubin "Sandwich"

Aryeh "Who's on" Furst

Marty "Oscar" Neier

Jordan "Oh" Tannenbaum

Rhoda "3" Weisman

Avi "Fine" Weinstein

Steven "Clam" Schauder (the nickname that inspired this exercise)

"The Shah of" Eran Gasko

Sasha "of Eran Gasko" Litman

Danny Miller "Genuine Draft"

Keith Krivitzy "Lodge"

Cara Matteson "Avenue"

Robbie "very, very careful" Grossman

Shana "na" Teig

Laura "Jonathan Livingston" Siegel

Sam Gechter "but I hardly even know her!"

"King Achashvarosh and Queen" Esther Abramowitz

David Sadownick "in front"

"The" Hindy "City of" Chinn "cago"

Becky Chassin "Tail"

Suzy "Lizzy" Borden

David "Doogie" Hauser

Ilene "Jewish Day" Scholnick

Jill "Barry" Goldwater

Robert "and Ernie" Lichtman

"Oh say can" Yossie Goldman