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International Dining Club

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You not only get to eat delicious food from all over the world, you get to learn about the Jewish community there.  Here is a small sampling of the 'countries' we've visited this year and the Jewish communities we're learned about.

-    Thailand.  At Bahn Thai, we ate delicious food and learned about the Thailand Jewish Community.  I bet you didn't even know that there was one there!

-    Mexico.  At Don Pablo's we explored the Mexican Jewish community.  Surprisingly, it is fairly large and orthodox. 

-    India.    While at Balaji Restaurant, the Indian Jewish community was introduced among delicously flavorful food.


Upcoming visits to future countries:

-    China

-    Japan

-    The Carribbean island3.wmf (2726 bytes)


-    Italy Meal5.wmf (16076 bytes)

-    The old west (were there really Jewish cowboys?)

-    The Mediterrean

-    France Meal4.wmf (16192 bytes)

-    Viet Nam

-    Korea

-    Cuba Cofecup.wmf (10040 bytes)