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Jewish Groups on Campus

Here you will find brief descriptions of the various Jewish Groups at the University of Florida.  Click on any of the underlined titles to view the organization's web page.  For more information about any of these groups or upcoming events and meeting, please e-mail Hillel.

JSU Logo Jewish Student Union

The umbrella organization for many recognized Jewish groups on campus.  JSU's major events include Jewish Awareness Month (JAM), New Year's and Chanukah Parties.  JSU's Program Council forms the representative Jewish Leadership body on campus and is Student Government funded.

Chug Lation Logo Chug Latino

Provides a connection for Sephardic/Latino Jewish students to meet and socialize.

GatorPAC Logo Gator PAC

Pro-Israel political activists on campus.  Affiliated with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).  Internships are available through AIPAC

Gators For Israel Logo Gators for Israel

The college continuation of Young Judea, this group focuses on Israeli Cultural and Social issues.

Kesher Logo Kesher

The Reform Movement's college group addresses the religious, cultural, and social needs of Reform Jewish Students at UF.

Koach Logo Koach

The Conservative Movement's college group addresses the religious, cultural, and social needs of Conservative Jewish Students at UF.

Lilith Logo Lilith

Provides a forum for Jewish Feminism and learning through a variety of activities and programs.  Look for their monthly Rosh Hodesh events.

March of the Living Logo March of the Living Alumni

Engages the campus community in discussions of racism and anti-Semitism.  Also works on Holocaust remembrance programs.

Tikvah Logo Tikvah

The Orthodox college group addresses the religious, cultural, and social needs of Orthodox Jewish students at UF.  Tikvah provides the supervision of Hillel's Glatt Kosher Kitchen and also provides various Jewish learning opportunities.  Make sure to check out the Tikvah web page by clicking on the link above.

Tikun Olam-Gators in Action (TOGA)
A community service organization, TOGA is dedicated to improving our community.  Projects include Adopt-A-Road, Trees for Israel, and various other volunteer activities.

Other Jewish Campus Groups

Graduate and Professional (GNP)
This group caters to the needs of UF graduate students and professionals.

Israeli Student Association
This group is not only for Israelis, it's for all students who are interested in learning more about Israel, participating in Israeli-type events, and teaching Gainesville what Israel is all about.  Please contact Dana Gemer.

Jewish Greek Council
Designed to facilitate interaction and unity for Jewish students involved with fraternities or sororities.  Contact Sara Taich or Debra Jacobson through Hillel.

Jewish Law Students Association
Law students gather for various events.  This group needs interested students to join and participate.

United Jewish Appeal (UJA)
Educational and fundraising campaign for world Jewish needs with focus on Israel and Florida.  Nationally, UJA holds conferences and an annual Israel Mission for University students.

21 and Up
A social group designed to provide fun and exciting activities for Jewish students over the age of 21

American Jewish Cultural Project                                                                       The AJC project is new to the University of Florida campus. Basically, it is a way for Jewish students and professionals to meet one another sharing their interests in the arts.   The events we are planning will include presenting our work in formal/informal settings as; i.e., musicians, singers, poets, artists, etc.;  sharing our work; i.e., teaching a class in watercolors, cartooning, candle making attending cultural events: plays, concerts, ice-hockey events.  Another aspect is "mentor matching" where we will gather the valuable Jewish community elite artists/professionals to volunteer to be mentors. We will plan to meet with those professionals in the community where we can discuss
our work or interests. They would shared their wisdom in single and group listening forums.

Do you have to be an artist or musician to be a part of the AJC project?  No. The American Jewish Cultural Project is about sharing in cultural events and activities. It is not about recreating a Rodin sculpture, singing an Italian aria, playing Stairway to Heaven on a banjo, or even dancing the mambo. .

The Jewish Community Yearbook

Starting in Summer 1999, a group of motivated students will be roving around campus and Jewish Community events taking pictures of Jewish Life on Campus.  The end result will be our 1999-2000 University of Florida Jewish Community Yearbook.  For more information about joining the camera craze and becoming a Jewish Community Photographer (no experience or camera is required!!) contact Keith Dvorchik at Hillel or Stephanie Levine.

The un-named and not yet started groups
This is whatever group you are interested in that is not listed here.  Contact Keith Dvorchik at Hillel so we can begin the group(s) that fit your needs.