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  Welcome to the New and improved UF Hillel Home Page.  On this site you will find tons of great new features.  You can signup for the Hillel Mailing list and even make your reservations for Friday Night Dinner.

     Can Jews be spiritual?  Want to find out?  Do you have an opinion you'd like to share?  Click here for the newest details on Jewish Spirituality at the University of Florida.  The Ruach Chayim institute is here this weekend!   

SHABBAT 1000 is almost here!   Want to learn more about it?  Click here for an update on the exciting happenings of SHABBAT 1000

Who is Yaron Svoray and why should you care?

Is there such a thing as a FREE LUNCH?   Come to Hillel on Wednesday April 14th for a free lunch at Hillel with Dr. Amy-Zahl Gottlieb and learn about the Holocaust and the liberation of the Death Camps from somebody who was involved with their liberation.

    Israel Bits - Bits of news about Israel updated bi-weekly..

   Jews in the news!  Check out the Jewish people who are in the news.  Who is "The Jewish Jordan?"  Others will appear when they make the news.

   Jewish Things you want to know (humor)

   Come see the Top 10 reasons to celebrate Passover

    Wanna learn about Judaism?  Why do we celebrate holidays like Passover?  What do thingst mean?  What are the symbols?  Check out our Jewish Resource Links.

"The Jewish-NaviGATOR" the official newsletter of Hillel at the University of Florida       is now available online.   Click here to see it.