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Hillel's Glatt Kosher Kitchen

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Table of Contents

  1. What is a Glatt Kosher Kitchen?
  2. Who supervises the kitchen?
  3. Who are your mashgichim?
  4. Is there a simple definition of kashrut?
  5. What if I want to help cook?
  6. How can I learn more?

What is a Glatt Kosher Kitchen?

Our kitchen follows the strict laws of kashrut.  We are under supervision of Rabbi Berl Goldman of the Gainesville Lubavitch Center to ensure that we meet the dietary restrictions of Judaism.  

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Who supervises the kitchen?

Rabbi Berl Goldman, and Orthodox Rabbi, who runs the Gainesville Lubavitch Center supervises our kitchen.  He ensures that only good products go into our kitchen.  Our kitchen is a meat only kitchen, so there are no dairy products permitted.  All of our kosher meat is provided by Quality Kosher in Atlanta, Georgia.  They deliver to us approximately every 6-8 weeks.

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Who are your mashgichim ?

In the past, we have had many mashgichim.  They have included Summer Schwartz, Michael Behar, Michael Rothenberg, Aaron Cohen, Daniel Levy, and Alex Bagdadi.  Currently, Rabbi Berl Goldman provides the hasgacha for our kitchen. 

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Is there a simple definition of Kashrut ?

The laws of Kashrut define what we as Jews are permitted to eat.  There are many details that must be followed to have a "Kosher" kitchen.  Ask any of our mashgichim or check out this article for more details about the laws of Kashrut.

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What if I want to help cook?

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Great question!  Our kitchen is open for anybody to help cook Shabbat and Holiday dinners.  If you have a special recipe that you'd like to prepare, we welcome you to our kitchen to share it with the rest of the University of Florida Jewish Community.

Not sure how to cook or afraid you'll ruin dinner?  Never cooked before and want to learn?  Our kitchen can help train you to prepare your own kosher, gourmet food.   Stop by, call, or email us and you too can be a gourmet chef!  

Alzadie, our wonderful and amazing cook, will gladly teach you how to make a delicious kosher meal.

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How can I learn more?

Stop by Hillel or call or email with any questions that you have.  Volunteer to help in the kitchen.  There are many ways to learn about Kashrut.

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